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Replica Oakleys Sunglasses

Oakley Radar Path.Then, each frame is hand-painted in green to match the Green Fade title. However, there are a variety of colors available to match the tastes and preferences of sports players.The task of creating these Prizm lenses isn’t easy. The process of altering colors is an exact science, and Oakley has taken the harder route. “It is very easy to dull white, but not as easy to make white even brighter,” says Wayne Chumbley, Oakley’s vision performance lab manager. “The only way is by dulling the surrounding colors.”This isn’t the first time that Oakley has produced sunglasses made for Olympic athletes.Replica Oakley Sunglasses.In 2014, just before the Winter Olympics, they produced a collection of ski and snowboard goggles with similar technology in their lenses. The goggles were such a hit that they decided to generate a more expansive line. Turning them into sunglasses makes them more accessible to all Olympic players.They’re also not as expensive as you might think for technology that’s so difficult to engineer. Though some designer sunglasses with high-tech tinting cost upwards of $1,000, the Green Fade collection are in the $200 range, making them accessible to all sports players, not just those in the Olympics. Anyone looking to sharpen their vision and improve their game can benefit from the Prizm lens technology.Replica Oakley Sunglasses.

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