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Replica Oakley Sunglasses.The first innovation is a technology called Prizm, which Oakley introduced in ski goggles a couple of years ago and in prescription glasses about a year ago. “When Prizm first came out,” Tavakoli told me, “I got emotional every time I tried to talk about it. Oakley has figured out, for each sport, which colors of light need to be highlighted and which need to be muted. So for golf you get this extra contrast, this extra pop, but at the same time the lenses are taking out glare and brightness. To me, it’s almost like they put a computer chip in the glasses.” The level of specificity is remarkable: for baseball, Oakley makes different lenses for infielders and outfielders.Cheap Replica Oakleys.Ditto for people who fish in shallow water and people who fish in deep water. The second innovation built into my new sunglasses is something Oakley calls True Digital Edge. In the past, making tour-style wraparound sunglasses with more than minimal prescriptions was optically impossible. The reason is that as you increase the correction in a dramatically curved lens you also increase both the amount of distortion and the thickness at the edge. Oakley has solved both those difficulties by, in effect, modifying curved lenses so that they trick your brain into ignoring signals from the periphery.Fake Oakleys Discount.

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Cheap Oakleys Sunglasses.The new EV looks quite similar to the Jawbreaker as far as the top half goes, though without the Switchlock lower rim. Available in the Pitch and Path lens shapes, the EV lens appears to be slightly taller than the standard lens – we suspect similar in size to the XL. Also carried through from the original is the three-point fit, meaning the frames only contact the bridge of the nose, and the sides of the head in an attempt to eliminate pressure points. Frame and gripper materials will remain the same as previous model options.As previously mentioned, the new Radar EV is available in the Pitch and Path lens shapes, as well as standard, polarized, and the new Prizm lens options.Fake Oakleys Sunglasses.Prizm  is a new concept from Oakley where the lens is designed for specific conditions (ie: ‘Road’ or ‘Trail’), greatly increasing contrast and therefore increasing environmental visibility with less eye strain.Right now, he’s the product category manager for them and in his own words has “done a few things since I’ve been here”, though always focussed on the product development and the sales of everything related with eyewear and sunglasses.Today, their sunglasses are widely viewed in the cycling world as the best.Their flagship product in the 80s was the ‘Eyeshade’ model made famous by three-time Tour winner Greg LeMond while more recently, the Jawbone and Jawbreaker models dominate the peloton, with many of the world’s best wearing them.Knockoff Oakleys Sale.

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